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Five Ingredient Grilling Rub – Packed with Flavor

Recipes don’t have to be hard! How about one with only five easy to obtain ingredients? Now you can quit stressing out over developing a tasty rub for your next grilling or smoke session. Just whip up a batch of this flavor-packed paprika based grilling seasoning. That’s “Rub” for all you grilling folk! BBQ Dragon […]

Grilled Sweet and Spicy Bacon Strips

Let’s be honest – a lot of us really like bacon! Pork bacon is king but turkey variations have come a long way. Regardless of your choice – one thing is certain… bacon, spicy heat, and brown sugar were made for each other! Check out this very simple recipe for Sweet and Spicy Bacon strips […]

Baked Beans – YES!

Let’s start this off with a blanket statement – the number of variations of Baked Beans is endless! But, if you are a traditionalist – then Baked Beans are actually pretty basic thanks to the culinary skills of Native Americans! According to historians, Baked Beans are a direct descendant of Native American dishes that incorporated […]

Forth of July Classic Coney Dog Meat Sauce

The Great American Grilled hotdog is all grown up! In fact, the classic weenie is not really all that American! The classic weenie has international roots and has been specialized for regional tastes with the help of professional sports such as baseball and tailgating football and auto racing! You can find variations of hot dogs, […]

Hearty Steak House Steak Seasoning

Hearty Steak House Flavor  – with Coffee! Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. As it turns out,  those cattle drive trail cooks new something about spices, and using what you have! At least – that’s what I’ve been told. Some Texas grilling gurus told me, when I was working on my Texas Hometown Cookbook, […]

Finally a GREAT Turkey Burger!

Are you ready for a Turkey Burger that rocks! One that’s juicy, full of flavor, has a little spice to it… and includes black beans? Wait… black beans? Yep! Don’t worry – it all comes together for a lip-smacking final product! The Origin of my Signature Turkey Burger! I do have to give some credit […]

Grilled Dessert? Try Pound Cake!

Grilled Pound Cake Several years back I posted a recipe for one of my favorite, and signature dishes. It was for Grilled Poundcake! Why not? I’ve Grilled Pizza? Why not cake? That recipe has made its way to many of my chef and grilling demos and a few of my cookbooks have had variations of […]

Easiest Steak Butter Hack Ever Plus Bonus Recipe

There’s something about melted butter and steak that just goes together! Steak restaurants have known this for years and it’s time every aspiring back yard grill master added this simple weapon to their charcoal attack plan! Starting with the easiest seasoned flavored butter hack in the world! Easiest Flavored Butter Hack Ever! Are you ready? […]

Chili Lime Rubbed for Chicken or Pork

Ok, I lied! The title says for chicken or Pork but in truth… I think this recipe for Chili Lime rub can be used on just about everything. Yes, my favorite would be with bone-in or boneless chicken thighs or lean “the other white meat” pork chops. But tossing some of this rub into the […]

Greek Tzatziki Style Grilling Sauce

What is Tzatziki Sauce Tzatziki sauce has become a popular dip, topping and spread in many backyards during grilling season. The dish, in this version, is traditionally used in Greek cooking as a sauce for grilled meats or as a dip. This recipe is one I used in my Great American Grilling Cookbook and it […]

Carolina Style Vinegar Sauce for Pulled Pork

Does the pulled pork from your smoked Boston Butt need some sauce but you don’t want to slather it in a mustard-based or sugary tomato-based version? Don’t worry, there is a traditional version harking back to the North Carolina that’s commonly called a BBQ “Finishing” Sauce. You may know it as a Carolina Vinegar Barbecue […]

Easy Grilled Mushrooms

Grilled mushrooms can be a perfect topping for burgers, steaks, chicken, or an ingredient on a kabob! Or, serve up a batch as the perfect tasty side dish. Either way, push aside any worries and follow the Easy Grilled Mushroom recipe below for a mouth-watering batch. Which Mushrooms? Button style mushrooms are perfect for this […]