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No More Boring Grilled Corn

Hey, to be honest – grilled corn on the cob is pretty dang awesome! It’s a classic side dish when it comes to outdoor cooking. All you really need is a dash of salt and pepper and a pat of butter if desired. But why stop there? Let’s get crazy with a couple of fun […]

Never Worry about Grilling Temperatures Again!

  So, you’re sitting around grilling with the family or a group of friends and the conversation turns towards how everyone wants their steak cooked. Suddenly you’re bombarded with several requests on “doneness” and you’re not sure on how to proceed! Someone requests Rare while another person orders Medium Well and request flow in for […]

Three Vegetable Hacks for Summer Grilling

Spring and Summer are the perfect time to take advantage of fresh vegetables from your garden or your local market. Nothing can beat the crunch of bell pepper you’ve grown in your own garden or the flavor from grilled squash that you purchased from a local farmer! And, BBQ Dragon has you covered with a […]

Happy National Hamburger Day – Heck Yea!

We don’t know who came up with National Hamburger Day but we like it! And, according to several websites that offer up what seems to be an endless number of “National” days, it’s also National Brisket Day! So, exchange your burger and brisket gifts and enjoy the day. Yes, we know it’s a day after […]

Memorial Day Weekend Racing Pork Ribs

Memorial Day weekend has become the official start of summer for many people. The United States version is a National holiday with roots dating back to the earliest battles during the American Revolution. Locals honored the fallen in their communities wit decorating grave sites. Not dissimilar to the act of placing flowers on gravesites today. […]

Slow Grilled Seasoned Beef Brisket

The key to grilling a beef brisket is understanding one important rule – Don’t rush! The goal is to turn a tough cut of meat into a finished product that is tender and packed with flavor. Going low and slow with a covered grill is a must. I suggest having some extra charcoal on hand […]

Easy Sweet and Sticky Apricot Dipping Sauce

Impress your grilling friends with an amazing sauce made from apricots! This sauce recipe is so simple that we’re using apricot preserves and a few simple ingredients you probably have in your pantry. This recipe is pulled from my Great American Grilling cookbook. I tweaked it especially for BBQ Dragon grilling gurus! This recipe is […]