There’s More to S’MORES – the BBQ DRAGON Top-Five S’more Ideas!

Hey - there's nothing wrong with classic Smores! Grilled Marshmallow…

Know Your Apples! Grill, Bake, Pie, Sauce, Snacking!

October means Fall has arrived and that means apples! Depending…
blankKent Whitaker The Deck Chef

Grilled Dessert? Try Pound Cake!

Grilled Pound Cake Several years back I posted a recipe…
Kent Whitaker Grilled SalmonKent Whitake

Pale Ale and Peaches – Perfect addition to Plank Grilled Salmon

Beer, Peaches and Salmon Fillets There are plenty of ways…
Cast Iron Corn BreadKent Whitaker

Grilled Cornbread – Yes, That Just Happened!

One of the worst kept secrets about covered grills is that…