Last Minute Teriyaki BBQ Grilling Sauce – Perfect for Wings and More!

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Grilled Sweet and Spicy Bacon Strips

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Forth of July Classic Coney Dog Meat Sauce

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Kent Whitaer

Finally a GREAT Turkey Burger!

Are you ready for a Turkey Burger that rocks! One that's…
Kent Whitaker The Deck Chef

Grilled Dessert? Try Pound Cake!

Grilled Pound Cake Several years back I posted a recipe…

Chili Lime Rubbed for Chicken or Pork

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Easy Grilled Mushrooms

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Where’s the Beef… Cut From? A Tasty Two Minute Read!

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Grilled Lamb with Jalapeno Citrus Glaze

 Lamb Chops for Grilling Lamb is just like any other type…

Apple Butter Pecan Pork Chops

There are some things that just seem to go together.…
Cast Iron Corn BreadKent Whitaker

Grilled Cornbread – Yes, That Just Happened!

One of the worst kept secrets about covered grills is that…

Double Up on that Cheese Burger – Montreal Style!

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Grilled Chicken in a Cheese Philly? We Vote Yes!

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The BBQ Dragon Guide to Great Steak Cuts – A Tasty Two-Minute Read!

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No More Boring Grilled Corn

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Non-Stick Mat Leftover Fourth of July Recipe Ideas

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Three Vegetable Hacks for Summer Grilling

Spring and Summer are the perfect time to take advantage…
BBQ Dragon grilled hamburger

Happy National Hamburger Day – Heck Yea!

We don't know who came up with National Hamburger Day but…
Pork ribs by Kent the Deck Chef Whitaker

Memorial Day Weekend Racing Pork Ribs

Memorial Day weekend has become the official start of summer…