BBQ: the Cure for Everything.

Samuel Ciresi

My story is a little different. I suffer from depression, anxiety,  bipolar, chronic back pain, and way too many other issues to post. I was laid off last year after I told my employer I needed a hip replacement and they blamed the lay off on Covid 19. I received my hip surgery and it went terrible.  I now need to use a cane the rest of my life and have nerve pain all the time. Needless to say my depression was at an all time high. Every day was a struggle.  My wife 😍 suggested we get a new grill at our house, trying to make me happy. I researched and found a great smoker price and jumped on it. I have not been this happy in a long time. Smoking pork, beef, fish, chicken,  lobster and even alligator with my son and wife has been so amazing.  Just showing my wife and son how to prepare the meat makes me happy and full of self worth. Barbecue has helped me cope with so many things in my life. Thank you for hearing my story.

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