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A Universal Language

When I was a young man with nothing, or close to it, I traveled Europe some with a backpack, and one spring arrived by bus in Lagos, Portugal, known for beaches and popular with young Europeans for party vacations. At the time there were no affordable hotels, and locals with rooms to rent would meet […]

The Little Details Don’t Always Matter

In the south of Chile, in the region of Patagonia, the Gauchos roast whole lambs over open wood fires. My wife is from this part of Chile, and in the 20 years that I have been visiting there, I have been treated to these lamb barbecues many dozens of times by her brother Pito, among […]

Letting Go of the Overcooked Steaks

My dad had an old gas grill that he used regularly at the little cabin where we vacationed in the summer time. It was a grey clamshell that was plumbed into the same propane gas cylinder that lit our stove and gas kitchen light. My parents proudly hosted guests one week who arrived on their […]