Deboning Gone Wrong

Antoine Baril

We had some big chunks of meat that came with the bones, so I took care of the deboning before cooking them. I wanted to give the bones (and the little of the meat that remained around the bones) to the dogs and I thought that it would be funnier to give them “cooked” as well, so every member of the family would actually eat some BBQ.

When everything was finally cooked (the bones were actually quite roasted, but dogs aren’t really picky on that matter), I told my son he could give the bones to the dog and I went inside to pick up the plates and stuff so we could eat on our picnic table.

When I came back outside, I saw our dogs quite happy with what they had, it made me happy too. Then I went back to the BBQ to pick our meat. It felt quite strange to see the bones on the BBQ, but even before I asked my son why the bones were still on the BBQ, it all became clear to me : he had given the good meat to the dogs and all that was left was the roasted bones.

It sounds funny now, but it wasn’t when it happened!

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